A Girl, A Hard Dry Court, and A Basketball..

  Whenever the sun is out and pretty much baking the court, I love to grab my basketball and just move around with it. In the little way I can, I defy gravity not of Earth, whirling, moving, flowing with the ball. Making it all up as I go along… Somewhat like a dance.. With a grace of it’s own.

  The feel of the sun on my skin is simply one of Life’s greatest pleasures, and it is one experience I hope to enjoy again and again. And I devour it greedily for I’ve learned that nothing can last forever… And the very memory of that makes me look forward to each day, to live it like it was my very last.

  When I’m on the court, with others. There is a rush, a high, that makes you feel like you belong. And when you first step onto the court like a blind foal, blinking in the sun with questions popping into your head.. It is meaningless compared to the moment you stretch yourself to the limit, and really fly, alongside the others… Working together as if you were old friends, performing like a well-oiled machine, doing only what others can call… A Team.

  And when I’m on the court, just a small figure… Standing there… All alone.. There is a certain kind of freedom, the abandonment of everything, every little thing I put on before I dare push back the covers on my bed. Without me even realising it, the person inside of me that I search everyday for, surfaces everytime I look up at the hoop, not blinking, and put a ball perfectly right through that hoop.

Only when I play basketball alone, can I truly be…



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