This Ain’t Good…

  Have you ever watched those cheesy tried and tested comedy one-liners?

  If you answered Yes or Maybe (If you have watched stuff like that but did not actually recognise it until you thought about this question. Obviously, the second choice of answer helps you dispel the discomfort, suspicion and also the embarrassment of MAYBE watching something like that.) then you could sympathize with with what I seem to be going through right now.

  Imagine one poor pathetic cartoon character (The type of poor unfortunate soul who is subjected to repetitious torture for half an hour, 5 days a week. In retrospect, think Warner Bros) who runs off the cliff, chasing after another more fortunate character.

  For a few moments after actually leaving the safety of hard ground, our said character remains blissfully unaware of the usually hard-hitting effects (Literally) of Gravity. Our character continues to run on pure imagination until reality hits, he/she/it looks down and slowly realises he/she/it has been put up for a fall (Again, literally speaking.)

  Usually 3 thoughts run through this unfortunate soul’s mind in the few seconds it takes to stand stock-still in mid-air for a few more micro-seconds before hurtling towards the ground to his “demise” (Of course, he/she/it usually returns for the next 10 minute episode.)

1. Oh no

2. Not again.

3. This ain’t good.


  Another bug dies, squished by a Brainless Butt-Head of a cartoon character and sadistic script-writers.

   The point of this post?

  I think I’m the cartoon character this time.


2 Responses to “This Ain’t Good…”

  1. Sad la….
    wud happen again??
    nth better to do but post this since ur phone no batt =p

  2. In a strange way yes.. But I’ve had it. Forget itlar. Just forget the whole plan.


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