Fight, Write, Die – Haystak

The title is a song which I have been listening to for awhile, I’m not really sure about the rap writted by the artist, but I can relate to the chorus: 



Till there’s nothing left to fight about,


Till there’s nothing left to write about.


Till I Die…

Then they can never tell me that I didn’t try…


So I decided to attempt a “rap” that would suit the chorus… : 


It’s not a time to fight, I’ve done that ages before,

I fought until my reasons were simply rotten to the core.

I fought at mere suggestions, grasping desperately for more,

And now there’s nothing left, but bloody violence and gore.

Now I’m writing down my words, cause I have nothing to say,

Life has nothing left, there’s no more dues to pay.

I guess that what I’m doing is keeping death at bay,

And since I’m writing now, I get to live another day.


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