Sri Cempaka Prom Night 07

There’ll be pro acts from
floor fever crew dancers, our very own
cempakan future artistes and bands,
solo bassist and many more, including a
talented DJ with the best spinning

Date : 21 Dec
Venue : The Prince hotel
Time : 7pm – 11pm
Ticket price : RM123
Dresscode : formal & stylish

Do bring along your loved ones and
friends and of cuz, make it an
opportunity to meet up and celebrate
early Christmas as well.

For more details :
hazel :+60122522763
amir : +60172369797
azza : +60123236938

Sorry to say, it’s
only open to secondary students of
15 yrs and above. if ur under 15, well,
there’s a slight chance that we might
consider again.

So, dont forget to contact us!! ;P


8 Responses to “Sri Cempaka Prom Night 07”

  1. u know , where on earth is prince hotel ??

  2. Lol. I went there for my practical exams this year XP Itz near KLCC =P

  3. nice ah ?? next yr we plan ours at hilton ! *swoons*

  4. Lol. Can annot? Hahaha Need the $$$! XP

  5. over 15??
    how am i suppose to go??? If i ask a 16 to be my date will i be able to go?? (coughcough)
    haha… crap la… jokin bout dat
    serious ah 15 over??

  6. Lol. Yeap XP But you can always ask them.. Read the end of the post.

  7. Lol. Riteee XP

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