Letter from TOS crew

Dear all,

The Oral Stage (TOS) is staging a full-length play in the middle of December, and we’re looking for cast and crew! The play to be staged is The Illusion, by Pierre Cornielle (adapted English version by Tony Kushner).

TOS is an independent youth theatre company that comprises of people from all walks of life, regardless of experience, gender, ethnicity and background. This production falls under TOS’ biggworks division, which is all about theatre at a professional level. This allows more experienced individuals to further expand their skills and contribute at a more advanced level.

Showdates: Wed 12th Dec – Sun 16th Dec

Audition date: Sat 6th Oct; 10am-12.30pm, 1pm-4pm (by booking only)

Deadline for application for audition: Thursday 4th Oct

Preferably, the cast is to be older than 17 years and post-secondary school.

And don’t forget – pass this to your friends and anyone else who might be interested!

Best regards,


for The Oral Stage



2 Responses to “Letter from TOS crew”

    i wanna join…….
    but 17 oni =p
    nd dealine passed

  2. Swt. They said preferabably 17 above! Hahaha Itz hols dummy! XP

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