One Full Day

Here’s what happened 2 days ago…

8.30 a.m. Meet at UKRC for basketball

Well, technically, no one was there yet so I had to head over to Steph and Jon’s place for awhile. But J Chia called later so Jon and I headed over to UKRC to meet him, Edwin and JR. Of course, some wall-clambering skills were needed =P

9.00 a.m. Actually START playing basketball..

Uhh.. Again.. We were behind schedule on this XP The others were either late, malas, just woke up or on the way… kinda. Also there were those that simply joined us when they passed by =P So in the end, the entourage we had consisted of…. *Drumroll* Jon Teoh, Steph, Jon Chia, Edwin, JR, Shawn, Taka, Shazbo, Ah Tuck and moi =) Not bad huh?

 11.30 a.m. Leaving the court

Well, it was SUPPOSED to be at 11.00a.m. But Ah Tuck kept stalling, evil kid. XP Anyways, Taka, Steph and Jon left us though. In fact, we were supposed to meet Taka (And maybe Nickybutt and Kears) at Ampang Point later on.

11.45 a.m. The After-Party

The first thing on the agenda was a movie (Namely, Hot Fuzz) while some freshly-bought  groceries were being cooked for lunch. It was a very Southern Fry-Up (Eggs, Sausages, Spam and Beans on Toast) This was later served to the ferociously hungry teenagers who wolfed them down while they watched Sergeant Angel/Angle going Bad Boys 2. XP

12.00 noon The Arrival

Meg and Ash arrive! Yay! XP Mahjong time =P

1.30 p.m. End of Movie. Ampang Point for bowling?

The movie came to an end but we didn’t have any transport to Ampang Point at the time, so we had two options, another movie (Because I said so) or Mahjong XP Majority chose Mahjong. =P After setting up the card table, Mahjong then evolved to card games. I got kinda bored after that though XP In the end, the card table became too enticing for it’s own good, we decided to hang out at my place longer.

5.00 p.m. Piano and Dinner

We just lepaked at the small little room at the back of my home and played around with the piano while we ate dinner. In the meantime, my sisters took the time to run away with various people’s handphone’s XP Yay. Fun.

7.00 p.m. TV

Yeap, we watched TV, TV and more TV XP Specifically, the anime channel XP We also watched this creepy horror movie about a pair of twins. Creepy.. Edwin and I just kept scaring poor Brandy XP I had my pillow so I was safe =P

12.00 a.m. Sad Goodbyes

Everyone left around the same time.. I felt sad cause it was time to be alone again XP Then I dragged my sorry butt up to bed and slept XP

Today I’m gonna do it ALL over again XP

Watching kids play DDR =P


3 Responses to “One Full Day”

  1. This woman, big time gambler. sigh…
    When basketball? :p

  2. Kids?! XP

  3. Lol. Gambler? XP Basketball in the evenings =) And yes Jon, KIDS XP

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