Stage Fright

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately and whenever I do it’s usually “filler” content. But please bear with me XP

Saturday I was busy cause Jakonese was playing in a 3 on 3 basketball sports fiesta talent search at Dataran Lrt, Bukit Jalil. We won 1 outta 3… by default >.< Sad huh? Oh well, it was a nice try anyways, and it was a new experience for me since it was my first such competition, and I made a couple of new friends too =P And I met some old friends, and exchanged no.’s just so we could keep in touch and bball now and then =) Yay.

Sunday was when we were supposed to meet Saipol but it was canceled on Saturday cause he was called back to Pinang last minute. C’est la vie, it was delayed to next week. So after church at Flamingo, my mum dropped me off at AP to meet Fiz and Illy.

Fiz and I headed straight to the Yamaha shop, cause he just couldn’t control himself, and he bought this RM150 guitar bag. I was officially stunned by rich people XP Sry Fiz =P After that, we went to grab lunch at Delifrance.

Later on, Illy and her friend, Lee, came. And we just ate and talked, after that we walked over to this studio where I recognised this dude called Acap from The Fridays who I met at SMK HardKore. Lol. Ah well, I’ll interview him SOME day XP

Anyways, we had a brief jamming session before I had to go home, Illy on drums, Fiz on guitar and vocals, and I on keyboard (no piano) and vocals (kinda) and I gave Fiz a lift to AP cause I KNEW he would be malas with the guitar =P

After that, BH John came over to my place and we watched a movie before going to UKRC =P After bball was cut off by a storm, Ash, Meg, Caroline, the respective families and I went to eat the the market. Then they came over to watch more TV and some MahJong (Don’t ask why =P)

All in all, it was a busy day, and it was fun =)

But right now, I’m 2 hours away from performing on stage, and I’m having a panic attack =P Yay. You learn something new everyday right? XP


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