Rant Session

  Now and then, an amateur blogger, such as myself, is usually entitled to a rare ranting session which will be posted on the blogger’s very own blog , which is known as exploiting it in a way because it is invented solely for the very purpose of being exploited. 

It is a personal creative outlet after all. *Yay*

  Well, now that I have posted the description of this post, which should serve as sufficient deterrent to anyone who hates reading emo blogging or dislike excessive ranting, and you should:

1. Click on the X on the top right corner of your screen and run screaming senselessly away from your moniter to find some sort of sanity under your Blankie, away from the strange, cruel world.


2. Read a very personal train of thoughts that I wrote purely for my own purposes. Sorting through the emotional baggage hoping that you might find some sort of mention of someone you know, just so you might be prepared for the daily lunch-room gossip. Which you will probably not discover, become fustrated and take it out on my poor tattered blog. or worse, the very *cough* amusing, *cough* talented and *cough* good-looking blogger.

*Stuffs cough drops roughly down coughing reader’s throat* 

  Well, usually I would post a Disclaimer but to tell the truth, who REALLY reads those Disclaimers they show on the TV screen (Which they purposely make bright blue to attract the human eye, and virtually “unskippable” no matter how hard or how many times you mash the forward button) at the begining of a movie anyways? =P 

  The answer is *dum, dum, dum* correct me if I’m wrong, only lawyers who wish to marvel over the miracles of concealing some kind of potential lawsuit in small print which will be shown for a total of 5 seconds before disappearing into thin air. Oh the marvels of modern technology for careers.

  Conclusion is, no Disclaimer I’ll write a Warning instead… in Bold, underlined, bright red font too! =P


Don’t read this post if you don’t like people making trivial daily matters seem overly dramatic to you, that is… until you’re facing the very same situation, cause it will only make you hate me, and provoke you into writing negative comments. That in turn would lead into more ’emo-ness” from me

(Note: Said blogger’s emo-ness is largely influenced by my Grandpapa, Illy XP whose blog you can check out, by moving your Traditional 2D Arrow/ Modern Customised Cursor, over to my Blogroll on the far right of this wonderfully constructed webpage. =P)

  Anyways, if you’ve actually read this far we shall now commence with my rant.

-Start of blog rant-

*Hyper Drumroll from Hyper Drummer*

Lex: =.=”

*Lex kills hyper drummer and walks to piano with emo spotlight*

*Stumbles over hyper drummer’s corpse*

*Trips Un-emo-ly*

Lex: *grumbles* *Sits and piano and plays dramatic chord*

I think I’m being played with. Like this piano, I’m being pushed up and down >.< This sux.

*Plays another dramatic chord*

I think I’m overreacting most of the time, and sometimes I know I seriously over-react. But I still do it… Cause I don’t know what the heck is going on… And there’s no explanation…

*Plays minor dramatic chord*

Does he know what he does to me? Does he even care? So many things run through my head.. Is it even worth it?

*Plays chord*

*Music sheets fall down from the piano stand*

Awh crud, not again. >.< Now what? I can’t play without the sheets.

*Bends down to retrieve sheets, goes off-balance and topples over*

*Twists into very unemo-like heap on the ground*

Yeah, is unemo even a word?

*Police knocks at door*

Lex: Awh crap.. now I’m seeing things behind solid doors.

Police: Open up, it’s the police. We heard a hyper drummer went silent about 2 hours early? The neighbours called us up cause they said he usually keeps them up for about an hour after they get to bed.

Lex: Crud… I forgot about that… Now what? >.<

-Abrupt end of rant session-


2 Responses to “Rant Session”

  1. i moved!
    click and link, please.

    it was nice to see you again during talenttime by the way 🙂

  2. the colours hurt my eyes!

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