Friday night out

Yeap, I went to Illy’s Open House. And at the risk of sounding extremely lame, it was pretty much the first official open house I was personally invited to that I attended XP Usually, I go with my family, and if not, something comes up and I can’t go at all. =P

Oh well, I went there feeling sesat, and everyone just stared >.< Luckily, Illy’s mum kinda greeted me and directed me to Illy’s room where Aminah and Illy were playing with Spongebob. Literally… playing… >.<

Well, we had some fun teasing Aminah about the fact she couldn’t camwhore much. Then there were some “Makcik” moments, the “hair-flipping” moments and the “Hip walk” Lol. And I felt really out of place cause most of the women were in traditional baju. XP And I walked in wearing green, black top and jeans >.<  (I love green =P)

Too bad Sufiz wasn’t there =( Could’ve really used his company, but my Grandmama had to teman his dad at a dinner function where his mum and sis were modeling. Awh well, c’est la vie. Oh, and I sms-ed him in Spanish, I don’t know why.. =P

Well, I met loads of people last night… I just don’t remember their names >.< Hahaha.. And I got invited to another late Halloween party, I didn’t get the super-cool invite with the rose though… I wannnt. =P

Well, I played with Fatimah, Illy’s cuz, she’s SOOO cute XP She like the Magic 8 Ball, but she can’t read. And she like basketball and wants to learn how to spin. Whee! =P Oh, and she likes me =) Yay.

Also, besides, Fo, Lee and all the other human beings. Some Form 5’s came, late, but they came XP And we had fun chewing on licorice and skittles in Illy’s room. =P Which is cool btw ;P It even has a secret closet stairway =P I like. Hehehe

Anyways, the food was delicious and all, and the servers were “Interesting” Hahaha. XP

Oh, and I like Skittles =P


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