Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. Travel the world

2. Get Published

3. Be Successful in whatever career I choose

4. Boost the local music industry

5. Have a comfortable place beside the beach where I can enjoy life, love, companionship, relaxation, and do whatever it is I feel like learning.

6. Learn to overcome my flaws and fears

7. Become a story trader

Seven Things You Can Do

1. Basketball

2. Write

3. Conteng, Kinda

4. Sing. Kinda 

5. Play Piano/Keyboard

6. Make Friends

7. Be Open-Minded

Seven most repeated phrases/words

1. Miaow

2. Yay

3. So we’ll be like…

4. Ahuh… Riteee

5. Uh.. Blur. Lol. Blordom 

6. That’s not right >.<

7. I like.. Chocolate Coated Candy Canes! =P

Seven physical traits you look for in the opposite sex

1. Nice hair.. XP at a touch.

2. Uhmm.. Warm eyes? Lol.

3. Strong arms =P

4. Cuddly. Hahaha

5. Nice voice. Warm and Low. Hehe

6. Uhh.. Tanned skin? Lol. I ran out of things long ago. Hahaha..

7. Hmm.. Well-proportioned body I guess? Lol.

Three names you go by

1. Lex

2. Wan Juin/ Juin

3. The basketball girl XP

Three physical things you like about yourself

1. Hair =P (They finally convinced me it’s okay. XP)

2. Nose (I’m just happy it wasn’t flattened when I landed on my face falling from the tree years ago =P)

3. Eyes? XP (They’re okayyy, but still not as good as the dude with really clear brown eyes! I’m jealous >.< Lol.)

Three physical things you don’t like about yourself

1. Uhh.. My body mass fluctuates a lot =P

2. Hands (Their tiny! and I have short, stubby fingers >.< That’s not right for a basketballer or a pianist)

3. Legs (They’re covered in scars >.< Lol. Actually I don’t really mind but oh well =P)

Three Things That Scare You

1. Being alone in a crowd

2. Old, strict people >.< (Both of you don’t agree sometimes, but I wouldn’t dare voice out your opinions cause you must still show respect)

3. No more chocolate!!! XP

Three drinks (alcoholic or non)

1. Honeydew Milkshake

2. Watermelon juice

3. Air Tebu

Three of your everyday essentials

1. Toilet 

2. Chocolate =P

3. Water XP

Three things you’re wearing right now

1. Grayish-green Esprit top

2. Short pink striped shorts my aunties gave me =P (Pyjamas)

3. Uhh… Underclothes? >.< Lol.

Three of your favourite movies

1. Spirited Away

2. Where The Heart Is

3. Resident Evil

Two truths and a lie

1. I like pirates. =P

2. I’m going to dress up as a either a Oriental Goth or an Oriental Vampire tonight XP

3. I fell in love. Lol.

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to you

1. A Go Getta

2. Has a way with words, yet is in a way, quiet and thoughtful.

3. Warm, funny, and loyal =P

Three careers you are considering, or have considered

1. Designer

2. Writer

3. Marine Biologist

Three people you would like to see take this quiz now

1. Shalini (What’s with the lack of updates?? XP)

2. Fiz ( Stop writing bout what happens everyday and start writing morebout ureself! Hahaha)

3. JR (U seriously need soemthing to write =P)


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