Today, I got on a ride in Cosmo WorldBerjaya Times Square… The tallest, most garishly-lighted ride, that swings you round and round way up in the air… Next to the window where you can see the open sky and the city below it.

And it brought back so many memories… So many different emotions… Even standing in line on the ground… Just staring at the colorful lights and crude design which looked so modern just a few metres away from the DNA Shaker… Then I realised, how much the past affected me.. And how the future could be so forbidding yet welcoming at the same time… And how, sometimes, waiting isn’t that bad after all.. The end of the waiting will end someday, it can be good or bad… If it’s good then it’s not worth fretting over, if it’s bad… then it’s best to just enjoy whatever time you have left while waiting…

I just let my mind wander… daydreamed…

I can be really impatient, but sometimes, even though people think I’m doing a gazillion things and don’t think about anything else besides those.. I do. I think a lot about other stuff besides what I do, I have an overripe imagination… I call it daydreaming…

Time passed really quickly on that ride.. for me… I guess, it is possible to realise in the few minutes up in the air, that somehow, everything is expendable… And tears actually threatened to fall out at that time. LOL! I didn’t know why then, but I guess it was because, up there, I felt free… Because I didn’t have to talk, or smile, or care about anyone or anything up there… My mind could wander without anyone suddenly coming into view where I have the need to connect with… I almost cried because it told me two things.

Brace yourself..

Firstly, that showed how sad a person I was, I preferred to be alone even in the great company of really chunted friends. Yet, I hate being alone usually.. And this wasn’t exactly the first time either… Let’s just conclude that I am some twisted, dumb being. Secondly, the ride was almost over… I had to get back down to earth and face everything again. And I wished it would never end… And sometimes, like now, when I’m reading this post, I wish I never took the ride… Cause it hurts so much missing those few moments in my head.

  When the ride touched down, I ust sat there for awhile while listening to the click of other people’s seatbelts, then I got out, and went to join the crowd.

Lol. What tears? =D


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