Pet =P

I’ve put a price-tag on myself now =P

Just hoping that somehow I’m worth more than what I feel I’m worth now XP

Anyways, for those confused little people, I’m actually talking about Human Pets, on Facebook XP If you want, you can try and buy me, but it’ll be a lot easier for you to win one of my auctions =)

I’ll be auctioning off basketball challenges, FB Adds, Blog posts, contengs, songs, poems, MSN adds, and all kinds of stuff =P

So go ahead,

>>Bid Here<<

You know you want to ;P

Current Stats

My Owner: Benjamin James Herbst

My Price: 10500 pts

Highest Auction Bid: 4000 pts


Yay! =P

That aside, I have another way to calculate my worth XP Sad but true…


Rate Me! =P (Click on pic)


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