International Interact Conference

 Before you read this post, I’ll attempt to prevent boredom by providing this funny vid =P

Now we’ll start =D

Well, we’ve only started going to said conference since the Interact Club was officially recognised 2 years ago, but I think we have somehow made an impression? Hopefully >.< Hehehe..

This year, the conference was held at USM, Penang. The hostels were pretty nice after all, even though Khaliq scared me by saying it was **** =P

Guys will be guys rite? XP

Anyhow, we, 5 students and our very own teacher advisor, Mr. Oo had to cramp our legs into a van provided by the school for about 8 friggin hours!!! =P 5 students meaning, Hana, Irfan, Harris, Marcus and moi, Lex XP We missed the first day completely because we only left about 3 (International school students had exams, and Muslim students/ teacher had prayers) and ended up arriving bout midnight >.<

Oh well, we did take the ferry, which was really beautiful, and Hana loved jellyfish of course =P Btw, camwhoring was a regular practise due to the fact that we had to give a presentation on our trip when we get back to Cempaka. >.<


When we reached Penang about 11p.m,

we decided,

“Since we’re late, why not be LATE =P”

So we went to eat Nasi Kandar XP

It was really, really good!!! The dude serving us just piled the food on our plates like mountains, and even though I usually don’t eat spicy food, this was amazing! =P

Anyways, we finally got to USM, and we were given out our t-shirts, keys, bedsheets, pillowcase… 




Then we all just dragged ourselves off to bed. My room was pretty chun, only it was unoccupied, I waited awhile, but there seemed to be no roomate so I crashed after a few more last minute smses ;P

Day 2

Well, I woke up and had a very unpleasant suprise, one only ladies would understand >.< It was really embarassing and 10 minutes after “waking up” my roomate and her friend walked into the room where I stood, drowsy, sweaty, with my hair messed up and my language pretty much in a jumble XP

I must’ve been quite a sight..

Hehe… Anyways, her name was Kalai, I remember it cause of Pn. Kalai XP And she’s also really nice =P I forgot her friend’s name though and obviously I SUCK at names =P

Proof: I changed my name to Lex =P

Anyways, after quick shower, hyperness resumed XP SO I met up with Hana and went down to meet the other guys =P We were looking forward to the aerobics session. Okay… Well I was looking forward to the aerobics session but it was canceled last minute so we went and changed into our school uni’s instead >.<

Watermelon blazers >.<

And we were first =P

So all the Rotracters and Rotarianswere clapping and cheering when Hana and I assembled first. Hahaha.. Let me let you in on a secret..


They got it right! We had our super uniforms underneath our clothes the WHOLE time XP *Right* Hehehe

*We just took awhile looking for a phone booth*

*It’s really not as easy as they show on Superman*


 Well, after waiting for everyone else, we jumped into our van which brought us to the main campus opposite the off-campus hostels, while everyone else waited pateiently/impatiently for buses XP Yay.

We were all like,

“We’re special man! XP”

Yea, I know, we’re perasan-ted people with nothing better to do. =P

 Anyways, breakfast was great. The Nasi Lemak was delish! =P Then we were bundled into an auditorium to listen to speeches and a Rotarian gave us an interesting talk on Interactors and Leadership Qualities =)

It was pretty good, but sad to say, my attention loves to wander, so near the end, these were the contents of my notebook:

*notes* (Rajinnya >.<)







Yeah, sad. I know XP I’m sorry! =(

Anyways, I’ll tell all of you more about the trip after I’m done with today’s “open house” k? =P I’ll even tell you how I’m gonna make it special ;P

Wish me luck, today’s gonna be a LOONG day =P


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