Yeap, I’ve uploaded some of the pics from the very rare posing session that happened in Cameron Highlands into Friendster and Facebook XP

What happened was Meg and Ash were applying make-up, me, *blur * then asked them to teach me how to apply make-up! hahaha *

And another pose session was when we went to Roselane Cafe, where there was good food, wireless, and really good backgrounds XP We ended taking a ton of photos with Ash’s camera.. hehehe.

*Waiting for the uploads!*

So….. the end result was a full scale “photo-shoot” XP

So here are some from my parent’s cam, XP Hehe.. And I’ll upload the rest when I get them from Ash or Meg =P

Here we go…

Lex *Oh No*

*Oh no*


Me in Meg’s cap *Yay*



Like the eye shadow? Meg put it on for me XP Yay

3 gals in the mirror

Meg and Ash

*I hide behind!* 


O… highlight of the trip…

Guess who I met at the Equatorial??

Fiz Pool

Grandmama! XP

 Anyways. you can see the rest of the pics here =)


4 Responses to “Pics”


  2. omg…WHO ARE U!?

  3. you’re pretty

  4. LOL!. Uhh.. thx? Hahaha.. DO I know you?

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