Early Birthday Present

On the 15th of December…

Year 2008…

Moments after Break had started…

I got my FIRST guitar!!!! =P

(Along with a tuner, stand, bag and note! =P)

It’s a Solid-top Acoustic Guitar by J.D. Australia

*And I can’t stop holding it*

*I’m addicted!!*

I just can’t believe it belongs to me, that I OWN an actual guitar!!!!


all I have to do is start practising seriously

*Now where did those old notes on frets and strings go >.<*

Anyways, on another note… I’m going to start moving this Saturday! =P


Wall of Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to the Wonderful People Who Gave Me a Solid-Top Acoustic Guitar:

  • Sufiz
  • Illy
  • Anis
  • Mei Mei
  • Elaine
  • Ghaz
  • CK
  • Johan
  • Danial

Seriously guys, Thanks so much!!! *Smiles big*


2 Responses to “Early Birthday Present”

  1. They gave?? wahhhhhhhhhhhh i also want XP

  2. haha, no prob:P
    glad u liked it
    we jam soon:D

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