One Day Holiday

Thaipusum was yesterday =P

And though I don’t celebrate it… Holiday!!! XP

Anyways, I had piano lesson and played guitar in the morning

*Addicted* =P

Then V and Shaz came over with a basketball *Envious of basketball* Then we went over some debate stuff, like intro and main points XP

But we kinda ended up lepaking in the end. =P Hahaha..

Then they joined my family for lunch outside before we carted them back to the house.

The initial plan was to push them into the pool…

 But only Shaz had extra clothes that he threw in my sink the weekend before =.=” That was when Nick, Meg, Ash, Jon C and Saru came over =P Yay. Hahaha.. And this Sunday, I’m SO dragging the RC’s and Nex Gen-er’s over =P

Massive Big Splash time =D

So be warned people! Bring extra clothes, and we’ll dine by the pool again ;P

Oh… I like Green =P

And I love Green Tea, Strawberry, Boysenberry, Honeydew, and Choco Chip Mint flavoured ice-cream ;P


3 Responses to “One Day Holiday”

  1. oi YOU! Green is my colour tooo… ^^

  2. Siape Saru? O.o

  3. Guess who I’m meeting this Sasturday @ 1Utama… :p

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