Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you drooping by here

(Typo very much intended =P)

Sorry for the lack of updates but moving around really does take up a lot of internet time…

 especially the stay-in-room-and-practise-guitar-while-waiting-for-internet-connection-dude-to-come part. XP

Anyways, I hope everyone’s having fun this holiday. Oh, and just because I’m evil, let me accidentally let something slip…

I have a ten day holiday for CNY this year! =P

*Evil Laugh*

As in, holiday started last Friday and ends coming Sunday.

(Those who aren’t sure or live in a different timezone, it’s Wednesday here =P)

Well, I still have stuff to settle, mainly:

  1. A ton of homework *Sob…*
  2. A Commonwealth Essay *Owh, Malaysian-ised fairytale*
  3. Guitar drills *strums*
  4. Bass guitar/backup vocals performance practise for Vday *When the heck did I start playing Bass =.=” Anyways, playing with Will, Fiz, Saru and Plum XP*
  5. A keyboard/vocals performance for a special occasion *Need jamming session*
  6. Swimming Training for the Swimming Gala *Stroke needs work*
  7. A meeting for the Local Music Promotion Festival *Waiting for people*
  8. CNY celebrations *Just a few more hours… Angpau!*
  9. Decorating my room *Wallpaper tangled madness*
  10. This blog *Hi*

Ah well, c’est la vie.

Going to go work on my Essay now, bye people!

Gong Xi Fa Cai



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