Valentines Day Poem

Of course I celebrate Valentines Day XP And to tell the truth, it’s pretty fun =P Roses, Chocolates, Collar Pins, Lollipops, Candy, Messages…

But even as I blog, I know there’re some people who are having a secret party somewhere in a dark alley… Counting down to midnight when Valentines will be banished again for another 356 days.

They are…

The Anti-Valentiners

And, as to not let them feel left out, I decided to write a Valentine’s poem, and just for fun,

I’ll dedicate it to Presley,

my emo friend who I severely offended when I wished him Happy Valentines Day this morning.

I sincerely apologise and spent some time working on a poem that suits his mood XP

Valentines Day Poem 2008

by Lex

Happiness creeps in,

Spreading infectious, light cheer,

Happy Valentines Day! They shout,

It’s finally here!

They flock to and fro,

Sheperding all that is sweet,

Roses and chocolate,

A balancing feat.

But apart from the crowd,

A few shadows creep by,

Counting the seconds,

Until all festivities die.

They endure through this torture,

Harbouring silent resentment.

To the Anti-Valentiners,

There’s no worser moment.

Nodding, they beckon to you,

Reeling you in with their spell,

To join their broken hearted march,

To damn Valentines to Hell.


Hope you enjoy it and, to quote Fiz,

Happy Valentines Day/Happy Singles Day,

whichever suits you. XP

-I miss Bob. He had a good life. May he R.I.P. If anyone sees him again… Don’t eat Bob.

P.S. No dropkicking either-


3 Responses to “Valentines Day Poem”

  1. Lol… Anti-Valentiners. Poor people. They’ll see the meaning of Valentine soon. =P

    Yours Truly,

  2. - bnns ® - Says:

    To that guy up there, I’m an anti-Valentine. Hmph. xDDD

  3. yes, im aware u areXD
    and i shouldve dropped kick bob.
    good bye bob. was fun buryin ya>:D

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