Body Art

Swimming Gala was pretty good this year, and Harimau won again, proving that last year’s victory from the former champions, Beruang, was no fluke.

I somehow ended up being hired to draw tribal, 3D, abstract and even “gangster” art on people for the CEC (Cempaka Entreprenaurs Club)

It was pretty fun, especially the promotion and my best work of art was on Ardi

A Blue and Black 3D grafitti Arrow

But Afiq got jealous and smudged it…

Evil kid. =.=”

Ah well, that was my main job for the day.

The second job, advertising board

People drew stuff and stuck advertising flyers all over me while I went around free-styling with my “basketball”

(Actually a netball borrowed from Si Lynn XP)

It worked pretty well, until she took it back >.<

Ah well, c’est la vie ;P

We didn’t have the Hit ‘Em Up dance party this year…

So I guess the bash at Heritage Row will have to do…

But for now, I’ll practise my guitar till I sleep.

Tomorrow it’s nerd time.


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