Game Over


That’s it. 

I’m tired of faking smiles…

I’m hopeless at understanding you…

I give up trying to cheer you up when whatever I do seems to make it worse…

I’m fed up of playing a game, where I don’t understand the rules…

And writing all of this, I know I”ve become so selfish…

So I toss in my towel.

Do what you want…

I’m sick of being your practice dummy…

How could anyone intentionally inflict pain on a person… for no real reason?


You’ve won, you’ve more than hurt me…

I hope you’re satisfied.


4 Responses to “Game Over”

  1. Meowww... Says:

    Is it someone else or…?

  2. Meowww... Says:

    Cant help but keep wondering… Sorry for double posting…

  3. Huh? What’s wrong? @_@

  4. Lol. An emo moment. And don’t wry, itz someone else… And I pretty much cleared it jsut now. So I’m happy again XP No more emo for awhile… >.<

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