Piece by Piece

Event Info Name: Piece by piece!

Tagline: Cleaning up the world, five pieces at a time.

Host: Anyone and everyone.

Type: Causes – Rally

Time and Place Date: Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time: 12:00am – 11:55pm

Location: Wherever you are!

So, listen…the world is an absolute mess.

We should all be picking up garbage constantly, but there’s always a bit more novelty to it when it’s planned.

So, on March 15, 2008, we want as many people as we can get to pick up a minimum of 5 pieces of garbage. Easy, right? It seems sort of silly to organize it like this, but clearly just telling people to clean up after themselves isn’t doing very much!

Everyone makes garbage! People and businesses alike. In fact, in our trash we find everyday items like product packaging, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspaper, appliances, and batteries! That’s not even counting other discarded materials like construction and demolition debris, municipal wastewater, and non-hazardous industrial wastes.

The worst part about the garbage we make is that the majority of people just can’t seem to dispose of it properly! Things like glass, plastic and paper can all be recycled! Things like old clothes and shoes can be given to people in need! Things like uneaten food can be put into a composter and be recycled back to the Earth! And the crap that can’t be recycled or reused can be disposed of properly! All it takes is 5 seconds to toss it itno a garbage can. That’s it. It really is that simple.

So, invite all your friends, it’ll take you less than five minutes to snag five pieces of garbage from the ground no matter where you live. Recycle what can be recycled, reuse what can be reused and properly dispose of the rest! Thanks!!

If you’re serious then get involved! We’re gonna rock this!

At the end of it, send me video clips so I can send it over to the main organisers over in Cali.

We’re going international ;P


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