Blog Makeover!!


*Prepares Lemons, Salt and Knife* 

Why? For a Makeover!! XP

Well actually… seeing as it’s WordPress >.<

I don’t think it’ll be much of a makeover =.=”

Anyways, I’m going to get a guest artist to design and replace that old poser pic up there!

(That I made >.<) XP


See, he’s been showing off his WACOM

(Crap, how do you spell it!?)

And calling me Bobo..


Big bully.

Anyways, because of that…

He shall suffer!! Muahaha XP

*Grabs skinning knife, lemons and cart to salt mines*

You better watch out Shazbo, hurry up with my header or pay the price!

*Evil laugh*

2 Responses to “Blog Makeover!!”

  1. BTW i didn’t even notice your banner up there was your pic until you mentioned it O.o

  2. Omg!! U fool!! XP Hahaha.. AH well, I’ve changed it! =P

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