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Real Name : Tan Wan Juin (Hah! Bet you didn’t know that)

Nickname : Lex, Corsetti, Scarletti, I duno XP

Married : Ish, no.

Male/Female : Female

High School : Sri Cempaka, Cheras

College : Undecided

Short/ Long Hair : In between

Are u a healthy freak : Ish no XP You should see me guzzle ice cream by the tub XP

Height : Not too sure.. EHmm. I don’t know XP Kinda short i guess, mayb 5 ft. 6? That’s Shaz’s estimation, except he’s way taller so it may not be accurate

Do u have a crush on someone? : Hmm.. Nahhh… Duno =P

Do u like yourself : Of course =P Itz hard but somebody has to! XP

Piercings : One on each ear

Righty of lefty : Right


Surgery : 8 yrs old

Piercing : I forgot, kindergarden, then i found out about all the allergies…

Person u see in the morning : Uhh.. Parents or sis or maid

Award : Uhh… No. 1 in class twice in a row? Something like dat >.<

Sport you joined : Basketball, 11 years old

Pet : Dolly, black mongrel but beautiful. Exactly the same age I was when I was born. Died when I was 13.

Vacation : I’m not sure. Genting? XP

Concert : Vanessa Mae at Genting, She was amazing. I think I was like 8, I don’t know XP

First crush : Ish. Random human being.


Eating: nothing

Drinking: Apple Juice

I’m about to : Answer the next question

Your future…

Want kids : Yea. But not now.

Want to get married: Only with the right person XP

Careers in mind: Uhh.. Writer, Designer, Music… But all these are like side projects and stuff. For a main job I might be a Teacher or Laywer, I duno.

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?: Eyes

Hugs or kisses: Hugs

Shorter or taller?: Don’t care

Romantic or spontaneous: Both

Sensitive or loud: Both.

Troublemaker or hesitant?: Depends. XP

Have u ever….

Kissed a stranger?: No!

Drank bubbles: ??

Lost glasses/contacts: Lol. dnt wear them

Ran away from home: I think I tried once XP 9 yrs old.. >.<

Liked someone younger: Lol. I don’t care bout age

Liked someone older: Doi

Broke someone’s heart: Yea, sry

Cried when someone died: No.

Do u believe in…

Yourself: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Heaven: Uhuh

Santa Claus: Lol. No. sry

Magic: Lol. No

Angels: Yea

Answer truthfully…

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Ish, yea

Do you believe in God?: Yes

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