Change in My Condition

 Yes, here we go, another tangled mess of song lyrics. I seem to be on a roll… Give me some time to compose something to go with it though XP

  And yes I guess the bridge is going to be instrumental.

Change In My Condition

by Lex

Verse 1

You’re the man in my storybook,

trying to make it to the end.

Just one man among the others,

Yet you’re the only one that matters.

And every word I read leads to you,

As every song I write becomes of you.

And how much I…

Miss you…


So I will never say,

what caused the change in my condition.

What makes me smile, yet makes me cry, so frequently.

So you will never know,

What caused the change in my condition.

And I won’t say a word cause you don’t seem to care.

So I’ll keep this all to myself.

 (Repeat twice)

Verse 2

I know I have no right,

I know you don’t have the time for this,

But I guess it hurts cause you don’t seem to try.

Still no matter what I do,

I can’t change the way I feel.

And even through the pain and tears I cry,

I know it’s real…

And I’d like to apologise to you.


(repeat twice)

5 Responses to “Change in My Condition”

  1. dei woman if you didnt know there’s a song called change in my condition by keegan. just to let you know..;)

  2. Nice.

    BTW did you submit this at UG’s Songwriting & Lyrics?

    And sing for my music project! We need vocalists!

  3. Dang… I found the song JC.. But.. it’s not the sameee! XP hahah

    And sry nope, I’m kinda scared of all the rules and regulations things ovr there XP

    And np, I’ll be happy to join you =)

  4. Then msn please? LOL. Add me,c ya

  5. So THIS is how Wayne did it.
    Ah, Now I know.

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