HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Visit (4/4/08)

I went to HUKM on 4/4/08, Friday


I saw a thin baby with elbows black and bruised from crawling, with no legs, and no parents to support him/her through the life he/she will lead.

I saw a small cloudy-eyed baby, carried by his mother, facing an unknown disease, in an isolation ward, unable to grow at all, forced to remain a baby, forever.

My friend told me about a child who’s oesophagus was removed, and he/she had to be fed liquid food through plastic tubes, fit into a hole cut neatly in his/her throat.

I saw a young little girl, clapping her hands happily and eyes flashing enthusiatically after every song Fiz played and I sang, unable to speak even a word, or make a sound with the cloth covering her infected mouth.

I met a cancer patient, 7 years old, who was so full of life, and simply adorable, and before I left, he salam-ed me (An Islamic gesture  of highest respect and submission, taking a person’s hand and raising it to one’s lips.)

Now I know why more than half of my tuition mates and school mates want to go into medicine…

But I’ll be here, writing away, hoping I’m helping them in my own special little way…

Cause I care…


3 Responses to “HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Visit (4/4/08)”

  1. yo lex, so touching….. y dont u have a chatbox or smething. link me X) Checkout ma blawg too

  2. howdy lex,how u doin? long time no chat eh…

  3. Yea itz been awhile, and I’m actually grounded but my parents let me go on9 for a few mins just to reply msgs and stuff. I’ll chat with you somehow, someday k? =)

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