March Pass 2008, Overwhelmed…

This year, 2008, is Cempaka School’s 25th Anniversary…

So the annual March Pass event this time is not a competition, and has to be extra, super-duper special.

(I feel like a little kid saying that >.<)

This year…

All 4 houses from Cheras will combine to form a mega marching fleet, Cempaka Cheras.

And this was decided, approx 24 hours before this post.

And we have 6 days or so before we “perform” on our Sports Day Rehearsals.

And I was informed…

This morning, when they announced that Jack and I were in charge of the marching teams of all 4 houses, effective 8 a.m. 15/4/08

That’s about more than 100 people not including the Internationals and Primary students…

To tell the truth, I like being able to do something, and do it right…




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