You know Bumper Stickers?

The stickers with smart/not-so-smart comments printed on them that you put on your car bumper?

I wonder where they got their name from? *sarcasm* =.=”

Anyways, MegD gave a really good idea for one personalised for me on Facebook.

Oh, right, this is the part of the blog where I tell you what it is.

*smacks head* =.=”

By the way, this blog is just another random post,

done for my entertainment,

and possible yours…

Back to the bumper sticker,

Here it is…

“I randomly burst into song.”


Cause I DO randomly burst out into song.

Amazing how the human mind can think of such amazingly smart Bumper Sticker comments, non?


One Response to “”

  1. yes yes. this is true!u do randomly burst into song==
    sometimes u even dance while singin. eh wait, thats illy:S

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