Mission Accomplished

I actually finished the whole song of Damn Frustration!! =P

I think I’ll record it sometime this weekend if I’m free but right now, allow me to revel in joy at the fact that I did something.

To quote my Grandpapa Illy, Woot woot! XP

Well, I wrote a few new songs, but again, as I have mentioned before, I do not post all my songs or poems here… Why? I don’t know exactly >.< 

But it has something to do with exclusivity.


And bored… Very bored…

Reduced to random sms-ing, book reading, streetball dreaming, and guitar practising.

You know what, I think I’ll just go write a song about dancing in the rain now =P


Cause I was dancing in the rain just now XP For the fun of it. hehe..

Illy’s idea XP Oh, and she lost her Dancing-in-the-rain virginity. 


Ah well, Sports Day coming up!

It’s this Saturday and it’s very special due to our 25th Anniversary, Fireworks and a combine March Pass celebration included.

Oh, and it’s at night, =P 4.30pm – 9.00p.m. to be exact.

Hope to see u people there =D

Oh, and the first leg of the annual AND1 streetball tournament is at Summit, this Sunday.


For more details


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