9 hours 15 minutes

I spent 9 hours and 15 mins out of the house today.

And I typed out how I spent my WHOLE ENTIRE DAY like any boring teenager would in a Diary.

Then I read through it and thought, why would anyone want to know about what I’ve been doing?

I certainly don’t, and I’m the author XP

That’s why I decided to erase the whole page and scrap it.

Then WordPress did it for me =.=”

One click and *Bam* 20 minutes of hard recalling and typing..


Then I thought…

 years of practise, of hard work, of straining to be the best…

Just *Bam*

One little incident could change your life, and everything’s…


Temporary or Forever…

It’s all an illusion, time doesn’t stand still for anyone, so whatever’s gone, is gone, for good.

It’s best you let all your experiences wash over you, the good and the bad…

and move on.

Sometimes, memories are all they should be, memories.

No matter how real they still seem to be, they’re just one chapter of the story you write, and it’s best to continue writing and improving on the chapters after them, before your deadline is up.


Don’t stop, Don’t regret, Don’t look back.

C’est La Vie.

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