Sinphony No. 5

I honestly have forgetten what Sinphony No. I’ve reached. but… Here we go…

Based on this pic…

(Can’t seem to load it)


Sinphony No. 5

 She called Your number, You didn’t reply.

But Her idle screen soon lit up anyway,

And soon You dwindled to a echo in Her mind,

While They dallied away, with much to say.


One day You met Them, together as friends,

And You saw how He looked at Her as well.

You never knew then that She saw Your expression,

She knew all at once, though She’s sure You’d never tell.


After that day, He disappeared,

From Your life as well as Hers.

Yet somehow once You realised He was lost,

You forgot about Her, though unapparent first.


So one day soon after, You remembered her number,

And curiosly, decided to finally call Her.

He picked up the phone, to Your suprise,

“She gone, it’s Your fault. Goodbye my dear Sir.”


She was found on the ground,

With her phone in one hand.

With her sorrows in a message,

She had never dared send.


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