Damn Frustration

So I came out with a vid of my first original song. XP

Yea, I wrote these lyrics some time end of last year/ beginning of this year. Then I just happened to pick up guitar around the end of January so I decided to try putting in a melody and some chords to it. Experimentally =P

It’s not complete by the way, think of it as a draft.

But if you like/don’t like where this song seems to be going, please do leave a comment.

I really want this song to turn out well, and any advice or motivation is greatly appreciated =D

P.S. Ignore the beginning, it’s just random nervous crap XP


13 Responses to “Damn Frustration”

  1. you sound so emo in the beginning lah=P
    its nice. you changed the intro =)

  2. woot more

  3. Lol. Emo my foot! XP haha… And yea, random intro. XP

    Thx LL, but who’re u? >.<

  4. lexbo.. sing more =) me likey.. haha nad oh yeah check your email or my blog.. for the poster thing..

  5. WEll done ^_^ ,,, You gotta love the intro ^_^

  6. wish to hear from you more 😀

  7. Jon Foong Says:

    wow! I din noe u are asong writer! although its juz the beginning,incomplete,experimental. I still think is OK! keep it up!

  8. Great song.
    You should finish it. If this is the beginning only and already sounds so great , then the full song should be wonderful. Should finish it then write a few more and make and album. I would definitely buy it. Good luck and see ya

  9. The title of the song can be resurrection.

  10. scratch that last comment.
    Name it resaration.

  11. Lol. Thx people. Y resurrection?

  12. it sounds good and it’s in the song.

  13. It is?? lol. Tade.

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