Teddy Bear

Once, I wrote a poem about a little girl, and her teddy bear…

She ran away from home with Mr. Teddy to find her real father after her mom told her she was adopted.

But they never did find her body…

Only Mr. Teddy…

His fur, once his pride and joy, matted with young, innocent blood…

His plump, jovial boody, once stuffed lovingly and full with pure white cotton, spilt across the steamy alleyway covered in the filth of it’s occupants.

His eyes, once bright with a child’s imagination, dull with frantic scratches across the broken half of the one eye left…

And a note covered in pink hearts and cute doodles…

“I found Daddy =)”


Well, I lost that poem =P


9 Responses to “Teddy Bear”

  1. It just Had to be a sad depressing tale.

  2. Lol. Of course =P What else is expected of me? XP

  3. A happy story, where you found me ? 😛

  4. Lol. Well I stored it in a secret place =P I’m selfish see XP

  5. And by chance, would I happen to find this secret place soon?

  6. Nope. Itz my shoebox of memories =)

  7. Ah, not so secret anymore. Its a shoebox.

    At least i’ve been into your shoes =p

  8. Lol. A shoebox no one else has seen! Muahaha XP And yea yea, I know, “big foot” XP hahaha

  9. Oh shut up. :p

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