According to Chinese traditional belief and superstition,

Red represents prosperity, fortune, wealth and good luck. In short, everything yang (Positive).

Black on the other hand represented death, misfortune, sadness, and everything yin (Negative).

However, because of such superstitions, BOTH Eastern and Western…

A Chinese business man once bought up many houses with the number 13, a number considered unlucky to the Westerners, and therefore sold cheaper in the West.

And also many houses with the number 4, a number considered unlucky to the Chinese, and therefore cheaper and less sought after in the Eastern market.

He then sold the number 13 houses to the Chinese, who considered them lucky because of the combination of the numbers 1 and 3.

And the number 4 houses to the Westerners who didn’t really care if 4 was pronounced the same way as death in chinese.

As a result, reaping in a huge profit from people’s superstitions.

Sad huh? >.<

I guess it’s best we don’t follow superstition blindly.


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  1. earthisbeautiful Says:

    good one…

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