Just Plain Chad



I know I seem to be “fan girl-ing” a ton.

Biasa dah (As usual)

But this guy over here is really talented, and I’m in LOVE

 with his new song.

New orchestral/punkcore/metal piece

A Dream I Once Had

Also listen to A Sea Of Distance.

Just listen to it on his profile.

Amazing =P


2 Responses to “Just Plain Chad”

  1. Wow. So many compliments packed into one blog. I’m blushing. ^_^

    Thanks so much; I’m glad it seems to have a lot of positive feedback! Hey I heard your stuff, and it sounds amazing. We should do the whole “internet song” thing and put something together, if you ever had the time.

    Keep in touch,

  2. Lol. I don’t mind =P But I might not have time right now, cause I’m facing a major exam this year. =/ So hopefully later on? =P

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