Tagged *Drama*

*Drama Queen/Emo’s* Whyyy… *Gasps* Why are there so many colou… uhmm.. tags?

Meh, go check Youtube’s How To be Emo. =P

Anyways, I got tagged.. *Yay*

Here we go XP


Real Name : Tan Wan Juin (Yes I know, why Lex then? =.=”)

Nickname : Lex, Scarletti, Corsetti (Only Ardi and Zii)

Married : No

Male/Female : Female

High School : Sri Cempaka, Cheras.

College : Not yet =P

Short/ Long Hair : Medium

Are u a healthy freak : Nope

Height : I just measured that day, and conveniently forgot XP

Do u have a crush on someone? : Lol. Ryteee…

Do u like yourself : Si

Piercings : One on each ear.

Righty of lefty : Righty


Surgery : Ew no

Piercing : Kindergarden XP But it bled like mad, and I had to let it close XP

Person u see in the morning : maid, mum or sis’s

Award : 1st in form, Standard 2

Sport you joined : Bball. 11 years old XP

Pet : Dolly, a beautiful black mongrel. She grew up with me until she had to be put down =(

Vacation : Idk. Genting Highlands? XP

Concert : Vanessa Mae. Talented Violinist. Was at the Arena of Stars, Genting. My parents brought me, (lil kid) I still like her playing XP

First crush : Ish.


Eating: A nut *Think Jack Sparrow XP*

Drinking: in the view outside my balcony.

I’m about to : be random. As usual. Maybe not so random after all XP

Your future…

Want kids : 1 guy, 1 gal. Maybe I’ll adopt, for fun XP Idk!!

Want to get married: Yea, when the right one comes along. =)

Careers in mind: Writer, Traveller, Student, Lawyer, Entreprenaur, Teacher, IDK!!!

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?: Both =)

Hugs or kisses: Hugs

Shorter or taller?: Taller!! * Need… to grow.. vertically!* >.<

Romantic or spontaneous: Both. Of course XP

Sensitive or loud: Hmm.. Both XP I can’t make up my mind!! I guess it depends on the situation.

Troublemaker or hesitant?: Depends XP 

Have u ever….

Kissed a stranger?: No

Drank bubbles: Nope. But I wanna try the uhh.. new gastronomic delight. Flavoured Foam! XP

Lost glasses/contacts: What glasses/contacts? =P

Ran away from home: Ooh.. I tried once when I was 9, I came back and got whacked >.<

Liked someone younger: Lol. Age does not matter. =P Like Toby, he’s only 5 years old, and I love him to bits! XP (My teddy bear)

Liked someone older: Lol. Doi.

Broke someone’s heart: Sorry >.<

Cried when someone died: No.

Do u believe in…

Yourself: Depends. Uhmm.. I think I know my limits.. I think =P

Miracles: Every single day! =P

Heaven: I’d love to go there, when I’m done with whatever I was put down on Earth to do.

Santa Claus: Yesh! =P Santa roc..uhh pebbles! XP

Magic: Magic is merely a term, an excuse used to explain things that people do not understand and think is better left unexplored.

Angels: Yeap!

Answer truthfully…

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Uhuh. Of coursee!! I expect a basketball and chocolate though XP

Do you believe in God?: Yes =)

Tag 5 people:

 >Fiz>Illy>Jon C






=D Have fun ;P

4 Responses to “Tagged *Drama*”

  1. it’s kindergarTen dear.. and a nice blog you have.. 🙂

    a friend of amirul’s,

  2. Argh, why is Adam’s name there?

    I dont know how to do these ‘survey things. =/

  3. Screw you Lynnett!

    Don’t mind her.
    She just wants to promote her own blog. 😛

  4. Lol. Ish. XP hahaha

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