Island In The Sun

When I grow up..

I’m gonna own an island =)

And whatever I do with my island, is up to me.

At first I only wanted to run a amazing beach resort for the sand, sea and sun lovers.

But a few days ago, I thought…

What if I turn it into a Beach Resort AND an International Institute of Arts and Tourism?

After all the two are pretty much inter-related…

And I don’t think anyone has ever made an international school focusing on art, music, words, business, culinary arts, and tourism at the same time.

Not only can the students enjoy the benefits of island hostels, they can also gain experience by working or providing their services to the resort.

Being International, different cultures are soaked up, as well as the sun =P Many different guests can be invited to speak and teach and so on and so forth.

And who wouldn’t want to spend their teenage years on an island in the sun? =P

Not to mention teaching/supervising the place? =D

It’s a dream..

But Nothing’s Impossible ;P

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