The Catch

I was thinking…

Yes, Lex does think sometimes you know.

And yes, with a functional brain as well =.=”

Say, for example, when I used to go fishing with my Dad.

I used to think alot back then, and I also somehow managed to be the only one lucky enough to hook a decent-sized, edible fish by the end of the day.

Yes, even with the men of the house around XP

Anyways, now that I’ve mentioned it…

I noticed that people can be like the person holding the end of the rod, in control of the reel, enjoying their sport and manipulating your catch tauntingly but inevitably towards you.

Or you could be the one on the other end of the rod, struggling helplessly, to surrender in in total exhaustation and be dragged around, or to fight relentlessly until your flesh rips on the cruel hook and you escape, a survivor, albeit crippled, possibly for life.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective right?

If the fisherman succeeds in bringing his fish into the net and up onto land, then there are 2 ways it could go from there:

1. Fish and Chips


2. A Safer Place, to be cared for.

After all, the sea is a pretty big place, with many fish, and not all will be your best buddy.

I bet the pond he might put you in and the care you get from him would be tons better than surviving the vast, cruel, sea.


I’m being my usual random self here, just listing down my train of thoughts, as it careens wildly all over the place, darting from fish to chocolate, to teddy bears, to swimming pools… >.<

Just bear with me please? =)

And someone please tell me…

Is it better to be hooked, or not?


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