There Is A War Going On For Your Mind

I like this song.

It may not be the most tuneful.

But it speaks true.

It’s not always about the music…

It’s the message.

There is a war going on for your mind…

By Flobots.


There Is A War Going On For Your Mind – Flobots


2 Responses to “There Is A War Going On For Your Mind”

  1. I like the Flobots, don’t get me wrong. I’m 34 years old, voting for Obama and I’m a lifelong democrat veteran that hates what our country and government has become.

    But a lot of this song is cliche (paper tablet rap). A lot of young people (read teenagers) will listen to this song and take it as their mantra and think they have become all political and activist. This emo-type stuff will last for a few weeks until the next cliche is released on MTV.

    If you really listen to this song instead of pretending to understand it, you’ll hear that many of the thoughts are just random things put to a beat to sound like Martin Luther King/Malcolm X.

    The Flobots are making fun of you. šŸ™‚

  2. Lol. Well, I like Flobots too =) I’m 17 years old, too young to vote, but hope to change my country for the better, bit my bit, with the little that I can do. I also think the grass is always greener on the other side, but a friend of mine once said, anything can become the other side if we work hard enough. I’m not a true-blue optimist, my friends call me “emo” =.=” But, there is truth in that =)

    I also live in Malaysia, where internationally famous and popular things take awhile to get to >.< So, yea, I actually started listening Flobots some time before it actually started coming out the stereo speakers catching people’s attention. And I don’t watch MTV btw XP My dad kinda likes to keep our Astro to the bare, “educational” minimum =)

    Also cliche and humor, both make their point as long as it is delivered well =) Like the jesters of old in a King’s court. When the King’s most trusted advisers were too afraid of a King’s sudden mood swings and errant temper, they would slip their advice to the court Jester, and let him deliver the truth and advice, foolish and amusing, but infinitely wise =) Of course, there were, and still are, many different types of Jesters =)

    I actually like Flobots songs because they have a degree of sarcastic and cynical truth, which they blow up and exaggerate wildly, full of sound and nonsense, but motions us towards what IS happening. The things that we ignore.

    And random thoughts are good =) I mean, imagine thinking the Earth might actually be round when everyone said it was flat =) It’s like thinking blog readers actually comment, when people say they don’t =P

    Kesimpulanya (To sum it up) Everyone has their opinions, I like urs, they’re interesting ;P

    Hope you’ll share more =)

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