Self-Written Birthday Songs

Sufiz and Lex – Best Friends 4va =P

Sufiz’s birthday is over, for those of you who’re still blur, it was last Saturday XP hehe…

Anyways, he’s been my best friend since Form 5,

so I gave him a song for his birthday =P

Yes, performed it during assembly last Thursday.

And I give special thanks to William, Muhaimin and Johan =)

They helped a lot b4 I went onstage XP

And also Puan Aimi and all, who gave permission

, even though it was really last minute. =P

And thx to those who complimented the song, and wished Sufiz Happy Birthday after that XP

He was only pretending to be annoyed ;P

He’s secretly going, “Where’s the prezzies people??”

Heh.. Anyways XP

I don’t have a recording of his song yet =P

Sufiz and Illy – Grandma and Grandpa, in that order ;P

But I DO have a song for Illy’s Birthday that both Fiz and I worked on her 17th birthday.

It’s really an inside joke, cause she used to trip over these HUGE, yellow dustbins around school for quite a long period of time.


So.. yea…

Dustbin Queen.

One Response to “Self-Written Birthday Songs”

  1. my my. i look great in those shades. dont u think so? haha. and yes.. im still waiting for presents. not much yet. still waiting. ahem. *hint*
    and the song was very nice:)
    mind giving me the lyrics and a copy of it? gotta have it:P

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