Words… Medication

Maybe I’ve watched too much House, but… Somethings on my mind, and the only way for me to observe and understand it, is to spill it out… So… here we go.

The reason why my life is always filled to the brim.

The reason why I have no room or time for anything or anyone that does not interest me

Is because I do not want to think about anything that affects me personally.

I like to think about others and care about how things affect others…

Cause I don’t want to care for my problems.

Because overall, my problems are nothing compared to others in this world.

Also, it’s because I learn from everything,

I’m stealing from everyone’s experiences and emotions and reactions and decisions.

I have the need to learn how to makes things simpler, effective, and to achieve the desired results.

Even if it’s complications.

Of course, I’m still young, and the accumulation of hormones at this moment would simply,

Wear me out and eventually…

Kill me.

Emotionally and Mentally


I won’t be selfish.

Even if I’m doing this for a selfish reason.

One Response to “Words… Medication”

  1. lol, u do nid some rest 🙂

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