After SPM 08…

Nowadays, a persons full personality, talents and identity can be posted full out on the internet, and once there, it can never be fully erased, and definitely not from the internet archives easily accessed by anyone.

There are the good things, and the bad…

One good thing however, that I’ve found…

As a student about to finish off her secondary education…

That will do her SPM, the equivalent of O-levels in less than 3 months..

Is that deciding how to continue my life after that, has become a lot easier.

Information to colleges, universities, institutes of higher learning and even jobs can be accessed at a click.

My problem now is…

What now?

I am actually one of the luckier individuals, I haven’t exactly started searching seriously yet…

But I already do have several colleges and universities contacting me…

And not even on my test results…

But just on my posts, writings, poems, essays, my video (Yes, plural XP), My designs, recordings, posts, clubs and so on and so forth…

That I’ve posted up on the net

But I’m not sure that’s what I want.

So tell me…

Should I…?


2 Responses to “After SPM 08…”

  1. Great post, it was very informative. I think its a must read.

  2. kewl 🙂
    sory, but im kinda blur ayte naw >_<

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