Traveling is something I enjoy doing, though I’m not really into all the sight-seeing and generic tourist attractions..

What I really want to do, is to go there, meet with friends or locals, and actually experience the culture, life and what they actually do..

After all, Who better to go to if you want a personal viewpoint and experience of the country visited?

Therefore, after SPM, I am going to

Bandung, Indonesia, and perhaps, Jakarta.

And most probably to


And who knows where else


What I have in mind?


(Time to start a-looking)


(As always XP)


(Being Malaysian)


(They always fascinate me)


(I want to collect them all and compile them in the little thing atop my shoulders XP)


(Since I love such a variety of languages, cultures, beats and tunes and such XP)

Wish me luck

Mon ami’s



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