Happy Merdeka Day

Selamat Hari Merdeka

(Happy Independence Day)

to all Malaysian readers


Here’s a poem I wrote


In light of all things happening,

There’s one thing I have to say.

My wishes for this country,

On this Merdeka Day.

Please let our better leaders,

Not fight against each other.

But join and work in unity,

As a sister or a brother.

May the economy be stable,

May the country be at peace.

To argue only habitually,

about rising mamak stall fees.

That narrow minds be opened up,

To venture far and wide.

To explore the possibilities,

of a world where there is no side.

My wish for all my fellow countrymen,

Is that one day we’ll be known.

Not as Malay, Chinese or Indian,

But Malaysian, like this poem.



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