Google Chrome and UiTM


Yes, I just installed Google Chrome, the new browser, all I can say is that, even though it’s still the BETA version (testing)…

It works like a dream XP


Try it out, just drop by

and click on the link =P

It’s so beautiful…

I could cry


One thing I like about this browser, is that it’s open-source:

Google let anyone have the code for the browser, meaning anyone can develop it further.

Imagine the competition looming in the distance, Google might have to work a lot harder as well to stay up on top of their creation.

Also, other browsers will have to keep up, efficiently increasing overall browser performance =P

If this was an experiment, my conclusion would be:

Competition is GOOD



I usually don’t blog about sensitive issues, but I just have to say something on this..

Yesterday, 3000 UiTM students marched to the Menteri Besar’s office to submit a memorandum protesting Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s proposal to open the university to 10% non-bumiputeras.

I just want to say, that I’m not saying that the Bumiputera’s rights be taken away.

Instead of reducing the number of places allocated to Bumiputera’s at the university, why not simply adding 1 or 2 extra places per class for the non-Bumiputera?

My point is:

NO, don’t deprive the Bumiputera of their rights. BUT, don’t deprive the non-Bumiputera their rights in education while doing so.

It doesn’t make sense if our country cannot supply us with education, but other countries can. (Malu-lar)


After all, if:

Google can open and share it’s source code with the world, so that the competition pushes the overall browser performance to develop further…

Then why can’t:

The University open up and share it’s teaching’s with the world, so that the competition pushes the overall student performance to develop further…


Think about it.. Not only will it benefit the Bumiputera, but also the non-Bumiputera

Especially the ones who crave knowledge…

But cannot afford it..

Unless things change


2 Responses to “Google Chrome and UiTM”

  1. Yeah..openess is the key.Competition is the goal.

    Btw, as one of UiTM Graduated, i am totally favour the suggestion to open up UiTM
    for non-Bumi.It seems more relevant these days with alot of advantages for the students
    and the university.The only problem is, there’s a lot of right wing politicians in the varsity with their hidden agenda..the students were just innocent freshies.Don’t misjudge them.They all just being ‘instructed’.


    • Thanks for your comment. =)

      And yeah, everyone has their own opinion on this issue. The truth is, it’s up to others to open up their eyes to both sides of an argument. Only then, can they make an educated, informed decision. One thing I wish for all Malaysians, is to strive to learn. More importantly, is keep their minds open, as people are different, not all clones wanting or believing in the same things. I enjoyed your blog post btw =) You really know how to express your opinion. Keep it up!



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