Over-Romanticising the Moon, Yet still…


Tonight while I stood on the basketball court, alone, just letting my thought wander as they like to do…

I looked up to the sky, and saw the moon…

A bright, round face shrouded behind grayish mist, yet seemingly so perfect that it pulled at my heart strings…


The clouds moved apart slightly…


As if to throw insult to my thoughts of beauty and perfection.

For it was then that I saw, that the moon was…


It was not the full moon I had expected, But flawed,


Never to be completed in that moment.

Looking back now, I realised that I had felt hurt, confused, betrayed..

But it is only my fault for over-romanticising the moon.

And I realise now, well, even then, that in realising that,

It was no less beautiful in my eyes.


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