U.S.A Edufair at The Hilton

“I went.

I saw.

…I died on the spot.”

Nah, just joking =P

But it did feel rather unnerving being stared at by an older lady.

She was probably wondering why I, as a Chinese girl, was sporting a “Modern” Henna-ed left hand XP

I like Henna XP

Well, it’s probably cause I really botched it up >.<

Well, don’t blame the first-timer =P

I’m going to work on my Henna skills until I get something like this:


Watch out Chinese miss! =P

Anyways, I picked up a ton of information at the EduFair at The Hilton =)

It was really, really packed!

In the meantime however, I’ll focus on Physics tomorrow before I get to Post-SPM business ;P

Wish me luck =)

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