Cowboy Hats and Report Cards


First things first,


I got a Cowboy hat!! XP


I’ve wanted one ever since I saw cowboys in Colorado


I finally got it last night.


Anyways, now we’ve got that out of the way…

I was reading a book earlier today, since trials ended, and I found this quote really interesting…


“Life is a Test. It is ONLY a Test.”


Anyways, I guess I inteprete it as life is a series of tests.

Some times you do great in it, some times you don’t.

There’s no point dwelling or crying over spilt milk, only look back at your results as reference in order to do better in your next test.

You learn.

Now and then, if you get lazy, you throw a couple of tests.

Now and then, you work until you want to explode, just to get that A+ on your report card.


In the end, the real end result is not your report card or the test papers piling up behind you.


It’s you.


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