Forecast Results, Questions are Drugs, My Highs and Crashes…

Here’s what I got:





I’m not satisfied.

And I think.. Maybe I’ll never be now.


I’m meeting the US agency people next week.

But one thing I have to consider…

If one college wants to offer me a sports scholarship.

Won’t I get have a pretty good chance of getting one elsewhere?


And one more thing..

Do I really want to have the pressures of a sports scholarship on me?


There’s so many questions running through my head,

and everyday, people keep injecting more into my thoughts.

It’s like being syringed with drugs, so my mind is conditioned to keep functioning.

But drugs hardly stabilise a person.


It’s like I’m fighting everything, but it’s falling all over me anyways.

Now, I feel like I’m crashing one time too many.

And right now, I’m gonna reply a message and hopefully get a straight answer,

Which I doubt I will,

Yet I still do it.

Here comes my next high.



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