Emo Post – Is it worth it?

Is it worth losing your Innocence, Love, Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness,

Just so that Despair, Hurt, Betrayal, Rejection, Sadness and Pain can overflow from inside of you onto insatiable blank sheets of paper,

Which hungrily absorb every trembling stroke of the pen, and every bitter tear, that falls away into it’s fragile grave with a whisper of emotion,

Into canvas painted with all you were, are and want to be?


Is it worth squeezing every bit of yourself out, like paint onto an easel,

In the name of art, in the name of a story,

So that in the end, you leave yourself with only the shrivelled husk of dry existence?


Is it worth the guilt and remorse of hurting others and yourself,

To be able to savour glimpses of all that life’s cruelest and grandest puppet theatres have to offer,

To experience being on the loft when the curtain is raised,

To pull on the strings and make people laugh, cry and think?


Is it worth everything, to chase after a shadow of fulfillment?


I think,

A shadow,

Is better than none.

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