Literally Moving On… Just Registered for SATs

I just registered for SATs (Standard Aptitude Test) about less than an hour ago.

If I score well, I’ll be heading to the U.S. in January 09 for University directly.

And I won’t get back to Malaysia for the next 4 years.



Well, I’m definitely excited to get to go there so fast and learn.

Happy I’m getting a chance to study there.

Nervous about being all alone for 4 years in a foreign country.

Sad cause I’ll be missing my country and all the random people inside of it.

Miserable cause I’ll be lacking Malaysian food for 4 years!!

And relieved, cause now I can take this chance to really leave all the uneccesary baggage behind, and sort myself out over there.


I’m going to grow up.



One Response to “Literally Moving On… Just Registered for SATs”

  1. ur a GENIUS! 😀

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